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Future opportunities

We expect to advertise the following procurement opportunities over the next 12 months on The Chest.

To receive notification and express an interest, you will need to be registered on The Chest. 

Abbot Hall Playground improvements

Improvements to the playground at Abbot Hall, Kendal

Automatic Doors and Roller Shutters maintenance

Maintenance of the Automatic Doors and roller shutters

Fire and Security Services

Service contract for Fire, Security Alarms, CCTV and Emergency Lighting.

Kendal Museum Roof Repairs

Various roofing, timber and rainwater good repairs to the Museum.

Kendal Museum Structural Repairs

Repairs to flying outrigger extension to the rear of the museum.

Kendal Parkside Cemetery Roof Repairs

Reroofing the old chapel.

Lowther Street Roofing Repairs

Reroofing of Lowther Street elevation of the Lowther Street offices.

Queens Park, Windermere Football Pitch improvements

To improve the Football Pitch at Queens Park, Windermere

Replacement of Waterhead Public Jetty

To replace Waterhead Jetty, Ambleside

Town View Fields External Decoration

Redecoration of external area of Town View Fields.

Westmorland Shopping Centre cleaning and decoration

Cleaning and decoration of various area within the car park

(We currently have no date for when the above works will commence).

Electrical Testing

Periodic testing to IEE regulations and PAT testing.

Estimated contract start date: 1 October 2017

Lift Maintenance

Service Contract for lift maintenance.

Estimated contract start date: 1 November 2017

Sewerage Pump Maintenance

Provision of the Sewerage Pump Maintenance Contract for SLDC.

Estimated contract start date: 1 December 2017

Boiler Maintenance

Boiler and Plant maintenance including air con.

Estimated contract start date: 1 February 2018