Hackney carriage vehicle licence

Last Updated: 2 November 2021

How to apply

New vehicles that have not previously been licensed as a taxi in our area should be less than five years old, and less than seven years old if wheelchair accessible.

If you would like to apply for a hackney carriage vehicle licence you should fill in the:

Return your completed application along with the following documentation:

  • MOT certificate and vehicle inspection sheet, the vehicle should be tested at one of the approved garages listed on the application form (these must be dated within 28 days of us receiving the application)
  • valid insurance certificate/cover note
  • V5 document/new keepers part/proof of purchase
  • meter calibration form (the meter should be calibrated by one of the approved garages on meter form)

The application should also be submitted with the relevant fee:

  • new hackney carriage vehicle (up to three years old, one year licence): £155.08
  • new hackney carriage vehicle (over three years old, one year licence):  £185.77
  • full set of plates: £180.16

Hackney carriage maximum fares

From 7am to 11pm (Normal fare)

If the distance does not exceed 1609 metres (one mile) for the whole distance = £3.70

For each subsequent 161 metres (1/10 mile) = 27 pence

Waiting time for each period of one minute = 30 pence

Extra charges

For hirings begun between 11pm and 7am, the above rate + 50% 

For hirings begun between 7pm and midnight on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, the above rate + 100%

For each person* in excess of two (*or two children under the age of 11) = 70 pence

Soiling charge = £100 maximum

Vehicle inspection

Hackney carriage vehicle inspection report guidelines