Hackney carriage drivers' licence

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

How to apply

If you would like to apply for a hackney carriage drivers' licence you should fill in the hackney carriage driver application (PDF 3 MB / 19 pages).

The new driver application form includes a medical questionnaire which is required to be completed by your GP/Surgery.

Along with the driver application, you will need to submit a completed Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) form, which is available from the Licensing department or Westmorland & Furness reception in Kendal Town Hall. Applicants guide to Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) (PDF 104KB / 3 pages).

If you already have an Enhanced DBS certificate, it must be dated within 12 weeks of us receiving your application.

Drivers are also required to complete a driver assessment and a knowledge test. You can either call LTS on 01524 858 326 or book a Hackney Carriage test online.

There is a maximum number of three attempts for which applicants are able to undertake the tests after which there will be a minimum period of six months before any new testing may take place.

Applicants will not be considered to be fit and proper to hold a licence unless or until they have achieved the requisite pass rate 75% in the test. If any safeguarding questions are failed, irrespective of overall pass rate, the test result will be a fail.

Applicants seeking the grant of a licence:

When you have passed the tests, you must submit your passed certificates with your application.

As a new driver you are required to make an appointment to be seen by the licensing team. A member of the licensing team will contact you to make an appointment.

  • new driver application (one year): £98.06
  • new driver application (three years): £208.93
  • DBS: £54.00

Further details about what is required for licensed drivers please refer to our taxi policy.

How to renew your hackney carriage drivers' licence

To renew your licence, please complete the renewal hackney carriage driver application (PDF 427KB / 9 pages).

The completed application should be sent to the licensing team along with a passport photo, driving licence and the relevant fee. 

Please note you may have other documents that are due with your renewal:

The fees are as follows:

  • renewal driver application (one year): £64.74
  • renewal driver application (three years): £151.87
  • DBS: £54.00
  • replacement driver badge: £53.71