Street trading consent

Last Updated: 30 April 2024

We do not issue street trading consent licences, except for the provision of late night refreshments in Ulverston town centre.

Street trading means selling anything in the street.

Food traders must also be registered with our Environmental Health Team.

You do not need street trading consent if you are:

  • trading as a pedlar under licence issued by the police
  • a market trader operating at a licensed market venue
  • a news vendor selling only newspapers and periodicals

If you are trading on private land you may not need consent. You should contact the licensing group to check.

The landowner may need planning permission so you may also need to contact the planning department. 

How to apply

To apply fill in the street trading consent application form Street Trading Consent Form 2024 (DOC 164KB / 12 pages)

The licence fee is £260.10 for a year or £58.14 per week for the financial year 2024/25.

Return the form with any other relevant documents and the fee to the licensing group.

You will need to give us evidence that you have public liability insurance to the value of £5m and are registered as a food business (if applicable) with our Environmental Health Team.

We will then tell you whether the location you have chosen is suitable.


Your application details may be circulated to:

  • our legal department
  • local councillors
  • police
  • Trading Standards
  • Highways Authority for major roads

Local people and businesses who may be affected may also be consulted.


Consent may not be granted if:

  • adverse comments are received from the consulted parties
  • there is a risk to road safety or possibility of creating a nuisance

Refusing or revoking consent

We may revoke street trading consent after it has been granted.

This could be because:

  • of non compliance with conditions
  • of non payment 
  • other agencies such as highways department require access to the trading location

You will be given at least 10 days before consent is revoked.

If this happens you can discuss it with us.

Other than Judicial Review, there is no right of appeal.