Trade waste and recycling

Last Updated: 17 December 2021

Owners and operators are responsible for making sure the waste from their business is disposed of correctly.

We do not collect or recycle trade waste. There are registered private operators who will.

Disposing of waste

Your waste must be kept secure and be collected by a licensed waste carrier, who is registered with the Environment Agency.

You can check by contacting the Environment Agency on 0870 850 6506, or search for a registered waste carrier.

Check if you need a waste carrier's license

It is illegal to dispose of your waste by: 

  • using a street litter bin
  • pretending it is household waste 
  • using recycling banks

Recording the collection of your waste

You must keep a record to prove you arranged for a licensed waste carrier to collect your waste. If not you could be prosecuted or given a fixed penalty notice.

You must complete a waste transfer note, which will be provided by your carrier, when your waste is transferred for collection and keep this for at least two years.

The law and you

You must take all reasonable steps to take care of and dispose of waste.

Every establishment that produces waste has a responsibility to manage it properly. It is a criminal offence not to.

This includes:

  • fly tipping
  • using a waste carrier that isn't licensed 
  • failing to contain your waste to prevent it escaping