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A natural stone memorial is an enduring commemoration, and it is important that the decision on choice of design, material and manufacturer is carefully made.

You should take time to consider what is available, perhaps by looking at existing memorials in the cemetery. Although there is no minimum time before you can place a memorial, it is advisable to give some time for the ground to settle before placing a headstone. Apart from encouraging the use of local slate (or very similar material) in the Lakes cemeteries, we try not to impose restrictions on design and material, other than overall height, width and thickness of stone. There are regulations about the method of fixing stones for safety reasons.

The Bereavement Services Officer can provide a list of local masons who will be able to guide you in your choice, and design an individual memorial.

When you are satisfied with your choice, the mason will ask you to sign an acceptance of order and an application form for this council. The mason will submit the application and pay the relevant fee on your behalf. When we have checked the application, we will issue a permit for the mason to place the stone.

The National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) has a Code of Working Practice that sets standards all masons carrying out work in our cemeteries must abide by.

Memorial masons are able to offer insurance against damage to the memorial, and it is recommended that you consider taking this, at least for the first five years. 

Responsibility of memorial owners

It is the responsibility of the grave owner to maintain the memorial and ensure that it, or any other item placed on the grave, complies with our memorial regulations and does not become a hazard. This includes glass and porcelain containers that are liable to shatter, as well as loose stones around memorials.

If we identify a risk, we have a responsibility under health and safety legislation to reduce that risk, and this may involve removing such items.

We will take all care possible to avoid disturbing a memorial, but it might, on occasion, be necessary to move a memorial to enable the opening of an adjacent grave, or if it falls into a state of disrepair. It is important that our record of owners is kept up to date, and we request that grave owners keep us informed of any change of address.

Memorial application form (PDF/50KB/2 pages)

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