Ulverston cemetery

Last Updated: 3 April 2024

Priory Road, Ulverston, LA12 9HN

There are sections designated as Church of England, non-Church of England and Roman Catholic.

There is also a section for the interment of cremated remains, and a garden of remembrance for commemorative plaques if the ashes have been scattered elsewhere.

ChapelInside the Ulverston cemetery chapel

The cemetery chapel is available for funeral services and will seat about 50 people. It includes a room containing a book of remembrance.

There is no musical equipment provided in the chapel, but you are welcome to make your own arrangements for musical accompaniment. Please discuss this with the funeral director.

The chapel may be used for a memorial service without immediate burial in the cemetery.

Visiting the cemetery

Ulverston cemetery plan (JPEG 279KB /1  page)

There is a car park with six spaces off Oakwood Road, but parking is available on the main cemetery drives. Please drive and park with care and consideration.

The cemetery lodge is private property apart from the office.

The cemetery is managed from Kendal where all the records are kept. This is a very large cemetery and it is a good idea to check grave locations with the Bereavement Services office before going.

Our contractors, Continental Landscapes, have an office in the former chapel building on the right. They are not always there, but will be pleased to answer any queries and help if they can.