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Improving the way your housing is managed

Right to Manage and Community Cashback

The Right to Manage enables council tenants to take control of major housing services such as repairs, grounds maintenance and security. When people are in control of their own services, they are often more satisfied with the quality and value for money 

The Community Cashback scheme enables council and housing association tenants to manage smaller-scale services, such as cleaning, which cost under £170,000, through a voluntary agreement with the landlord.

Right to Manage here’s how

Step 1: form a Tenant Management Organisation

Unless your building is very small, it's likely you will want to appoint a management company to run it for you.

National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations (NFTMO) offers advice and possible sources of funding.

Step 2: get resident support for your plans and notify the council that you wish to exercise your Right to Manage

To win support from your neighbours you need a clear plan outlining the benefits of your proposals.

Step 3: finalise your agreement with the council and hold a ballot of tenants to sign off the new arrangements

Community Cashback here’s how

Step 1: decide what services you want to run

Step 2: gain support from your neighbours and develop a proposal

Step 3: draw up an agreement with your landlord

Step 4: once the service is up and running reinvest any savings for community benefit

Community experiences 

Nick Reynolds (Chair National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations and Secretary Roman Way Estate CiC) We used the Right to Manage to set up a Tenant Management Organisation on our estate and we have been able to improve housing services and strengthen community spirit as a result. Thousands of tenants around the country have had the same positive rewards for taking control.

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