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Private Water emergency supplies

Emergency supplies

Residents and businesses on private water supplies are being urged to take precautions during the current prolonged dry weather.

The responsibility for private water supplies rests with the owners of the properties fed by the supply and residents and businesses on private water supplies need to be prepared for the possibility that their supplies may dry-up.

There are a number of outlets that can provide emergency water supplies in these circumstances.

All suppliers should be able to provide evidence that they comply with BS 8551:2015 Provision and Management of Temporary Water Supplies and Distribution Networks Code of Practice.

The standard provides a framework for best practice in the management of temporary wholesome water supplies and maintenance of the distribution networks and container vessels. It demonstrates all the procedural steps that should be carried out when supplying water as well as the due diligence required in relation to water, health and safety laws.

Emergency water suppliers 

Swale Valley Spring

07736 820283

Greens Environmental

0800 458 8281

Wincanton Water Services

01249 710 000

Water Direct

0345 345 1725

Tardish H2O 

0800 731 0589


0845 603 1403

In an emergency you can also contact the us, we are working with United Utilities to potentially provide an emergency supply for domestic users for up to 72 hours whilst alternative water supply is arranged by the supply owners.