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Private water charges

Retests will be charged at sampling plus analysis cost. The maximum fee relates to the highest charge that is allowed under the regulations.

Charges for risk assessments and monitoring
Services Our fee (£) Maximum fee (£)
Risk assessment (each assessment) 50 per hour 500
Sampling (each visit) 90 100
Investigation (each investigation) 50 per hour 100
Granting an authorisation (each authorisation) 100 100
Analysing a sample: taken under Regulation 10 25 25
Analysing a sample: taken during check monitoring 50 100
Analysing a sample: taken during audit monitoring 300 500
Analysing a sample: Radon 90.95  included in audit monitoring
Analysing a sample: Alpha and Beta Radiation 19.70  included in audit monitoring
Positive Feedback Okay Feedback Negative Feedback
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