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Nuisance caused by seagulls

Seagulls can cause a number of problems increasingly in urban areas, this can include noise, mess from droppings, damage to properties, blocking gas flues with nesting materials and diving and swooping at people and animals.

We do not have a duty to deal with seagulls, however there are some steps that you can take to deter seagulls.

Prevention methods

What you can do on a daily basis

  • remove any possible food sources including pet food and accessible household waste
  • keep your rubbish in bins until the day of collection wherever practical
  • make sure your bins have secured lids
  • use special bird feeders rather than putting food on the floor
  • pick up and disposing of any litter outside your property
  • commercial properties should keep the streets at the front and back of the premises free of litter and black rubbish bags

Building measures

Proof buildings with nets and/or spikes

How we can help

You can report issues concerning waste and the feeding of seagulls to our contact centre.

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