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LAP background information

A Local Area Partnership (LAP) is made up of representatives from parish councils, district councillors and county councillors.

LAPs are based on groups or clusters of parishes which agree to work together on local interests, issues, and services. They can provide agencies with the feedback and wisdom of local people to help improve their local area. 

LAP meetings are designed to raise and address issues, spread information, and discuss issues with the members of the organisations.

Services LAPs can get involved in

A LAP can have an influence on any policy, strategy or service affecting its area. Some examples include:

  • minor highway, footpath or verge maintenance
  • maintenance of the appearance and cleanliness of the local area
  • car parks
  • running local community building, facilities and land
  • public conveniences
  • community planning
  • local planning decisions

Benefits of a LAP

Benefits of a LAP include:

  • LAPs voice the needs and concerns of the local community to organisations that provide services to the community
  • communities can have an impact on the decisions that are made by organisations
  • understanding the needs of the community can create better services and reduce costs
  • more opportunities to work together, share resources, and tackle common problems
  • faster responses to problems

How LAP membership works

Members of the LAPs include representatives of the parish councils which fall in the LAP area. Each LAP will also include each district council and county council member whose areas fall within the LAP area.

LAP boundaries

The LAP boundaries are currently under review.