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South Lakeland Health and Wellbeing Forum

The South Lakeland Health and Wellbeing Forum will provide ways of working together among partner agencies and communities, in order to deliver high quality health and social care services and improved health and wellbeing outcomes for the residents of South Lakeland.

The Forum is recognised by the Cumbria Health and Wellbeing Board. The forum will:

  • have an overview of local issues
  • provide a means of bringing together partners
  • connect with local communities
  • organise resources to impact on health and wellbeing
  • have a key role of ensuring that locality issues are represented at the Cumbria Health and Wellbeing Board

The forum will prioritise their work around the following three major life stages with appropriate priorities for each group. For South Lakeland these have been identified as: 

  • Children and young people: diet and exercise, educational attainment and emotional health
  • Working age adults: housing, good employment, activity and physical health
  • Older adults: loneliness, maintaining independence and access

The Forum will oversee health and wellbeing outcomes in South Lakeland, to provide:

  • seamless care
  • improved health and wellbeing
  • reduced health inequalities
  • efficient use of available resources
  • an approach which builds community assets for health and wellbeing

Forum members will be expected to agree the way forward and commit to actions to deliver agreed work. Task and Finish groups will be used as needed to support the work of the Forum.    


South Lakeland Health and Wellbeing Forum Terms of Reference (PDF/31KB/4 pages)

Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2014 to 2019 (PDF/4.96MB/8 pages)

Date of next meeting

  • January 2018

Previous meetings 

Meeting agendas and papers    Meeting minutes
19 Oct 2017 agenda (PDF/414KB/1 page) Minutes awaiting approval
6 July 2017 (PDF/463KB/1 page) 6 July 2017 minutes (PDF/1.03MB/6 pages)
23 Feb 2017 agenda (PDF/372KB/1 page) 23 Feb 2017 minutes (PDF/1.03MB/6 pages)
8 Dec 2016 agenda (PDF/467KB/1 page) 8 Dec 2016 minutes (PDF/152KB/6 pages)
13 Sep 2016 agenda (PDF/481KB/1 page) 13 Sep 2016 minutes (PDF/132KB/4 pages)
28 Jun 2016 agenda (PDF/414KB/1 page) 28 Jun 2016 minutes (PDF/228KB/3 pages)
26 Apr 2016 agenda (PDF/415KB/2 pages) 26 April 2016 minutes (PDF/327KB/4 pages) 
15 Mar 2016 presentation - Older Adults Workshop (PPP/403KB/13 slides) 15 Mar 2016 minutes - Older Adults Workshop (PDF/127KB/2 pages)
19 Jan 2016 agenda (PDF/514KB/1 page) 19 Jan 2016 minutes (PDF/344KB/3 pages)
24 Nov 2015 CCC presentation Workshop (PPP/1.0MB/25 slides)
24 Nov South Lakeland Health Statistics presentation Workshop (PPP/1.0MB/25 slides)
Report from the workshop
22 Sep 2015 agenda (PDF/467KB/1 page) 22 Sep 2015 minutes (PDF/469KB/6 pages)
23 Jun 2015 agenda (PDF/469KB/1 page) 23 Jun 2015 minutes (PDF/337KB/4 pages)
27 Jan 2015 agenda (PDF/402KB/4 pages) 27 Jan 2015 minutes (PDF/402KB/4 pages)
18 Jun 2014 agenda (PDF/386KB/1 page) 18 Jun 2014 minutes (PDF/399KB/3 pages)