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Healthy eating

Levels of obesity in children and adults in South Lakeland are lower than the national average.

The number of healthy eating adults is similar to the national average.

However, the level of children's tooth decay is higher than the national average. This could be linked to poor nutrition.

Healthier Menus Award encourages food businesses to provide healthy food choices on their menus.


NHS Choices Information on a wide range of healthy eating topics.

NHS Cumbria Advice on Healthy Eating.

High Cholesterol Information from the British Heart Foundation on the causes of high cholesterol and how this can be prevented.

Food shopping

Food Label Information  From NHS Choices.

Five a Day on a Budget From NHS Choices.

Healthy Start Vouchers Parents of children under four may be able to apply for vouchers to spend on milk, fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, infant formula milk and free vitamins.

Additional Information:

Fuel For Living Recipe Guide

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