Personal qualities framework

Last Updated: 17 March 2022

Our personal qualities framework (PQF) applies to everyone, including directors. The PQF outlines the personal qualities needed for:

Thinking ahead

Lifting you head above the detail and looking at the bigger picture, thinking before acting, taker a wider view, considering all internal and external influences on a decision.

Senior manager qualities

Consider the implications of plans and proposals on the rest of the council: on partners or stakeholders, on citizens and members.

Senior manager and manager qualities

  • take action to address the implications of plans and proposals where these may have a negative impact
  • be prepared to make decisions where the picture is incomplete, when time is of the essence
  • use knowledge of the wider context to inform decisions, plans or actions and impart this to others

All employee qualities

  • take the initiative and don't wait to be asked
  • be prepared to challenge where others are not seeing the wider implication
  • alert others to the potential consequences of their own actions, plans or proposals
  • think ahead to anticipate the likely consequences of your actions, both immediate and longer term, on those around you, particularly in our communities

Working collaboratively

Participating, working together, breaking down barriers and silo working, finding and building on common ground.

Senior manager and manager qualities

  • make personal contact with others, get to know individuals better and gain trust
  • negotiate and find win-win solutions for everyone
  • questions 'silo working' and help find a collaborative approach to the issue

All employee qualities

  • find opportunities to meet people and members and understand the world from their point of view
  • volunteer, be the first, try things out, seize opportunities
  • work across professional boundaries, making the most of other skills, knowledge and experience wherever it is useful
  • build and maintain good working relationships with people inside and outside the council, including councillors, partners and members of the public
  • always offer ideas, advice and opinions to help others
  • share knowledge, information and, where possible, resources

Focusing on our citizens' needs

Taking responsibility for finding out what our citizens need and expect from their council.

Senior manager and manager qualities

Anticipate communities' likely future needs and put plans in place to address them.

All employee qualities

  • consult with citizens and councillors and gather feedback and new ideas
  • inform citizens and councillors how their views, needs and requests are included in plans or decisions
  • take pride in the job and in delivering what our communities need; promote these successes and the difference it has made

Managing performance

Making time to discuss what we have done, what we will do, how we have done it and how we will do it; tackling unacceptable standards, outcomes or behaviours.

Senior manager and manager qualities

  • tackle the tricky decision first; raise difficult or sensitive issues and not shy away from them
  • gather and give feedback regularly and constructively on an individual and organisational basis
  • highlight and deal with unacceptable behaviour and its impact on others
  • make time to discuss performance, attitude and approach on a regular basis, providing support and guidance and taking action if performance does not improve

All employee qualities

  • evaluate mistakes and learn from them, not apportion blame
  • participate constructively in performance management discussions and continually looks for areas of improvement
  • uphold the council's reputation by delivering on the community's expectations and encourage others to do the same

Motivating and leading

Communicating clearly and with passion and commitment, encouraging others, setting out the benefits to all parties, setting the right example.

Senior manager qualities

Setting the right positive tone for the organisations

Senior manager and manger qualities

  • set stretching goals, with support, to help people achieve their potential or exceed expectations
  • adapt leadership style to suit different individuals and situations
  • praise a job well done
  • anticipate how people will feel about change and take action to help them through
  • tackle resistance, not letting it get in the way of progress
  • make expectations clear
  • lead by example and give responsibility to others, earn trust and respect
  • present a vision of what success looks like and how it will be measured
  • give others the confidence they can deliver, succeed and excel

All employee qualities

  • reiterate the vision of success frequently and consistently
  • visibly demonstrate commitment to safety on a daily basis and start every day by thinking of how I can keep myself and others safe

Living the values

Representing the council; being an ambassador, acting in the council's interest and being a role model.

All employee qualities

  • aspire to be better and to exceed expectations and promote a positive can do attitude
  • think and act in line with the councils values
  • express pride in what the council does and uphold the reputation of the council
  • demonstrate high standards of personal and professional conduct and be a role model to others
  • demonstrate and champion respect and equality in the treatment of others and in the delivery of services
  • stand by council decisions and act in the council's best interests, putting them above those of the directorate or immediate team and individuals
  • ensure actions are in line with what citizens should expect from council employees
  • accept responsibility for improving health and safety in the places I work and challenge any unsafe acts or conditions and praise positives and safe behaviour