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Locally Important Projects overview

Locally Important Projects are funded by New Homes Bonus.

Under the New Homes Bonus the Government matches the Council Tax raised for new homes and properties brought back into use, with another £350 for each affordable home.

We are using these funds to address the needs of local communities by dividing the funds into two areas:

  • 40% for Locally Important Projects
  • 60% for Housing and Neighbourhood Planning

Bids for funding need to show that they:

  • address community needs identified in local community plans
  • produce good value for money
  • show that they are possible

Locally Important Projects funding

The Locally Important Projects funding is further divided into two schemes:

  1. Member Locality Budgets Scheme: £1,000 for each SLDC Councillor for use for projects in their ward areas. Details are given in the councillors' spending overview
  2. Locally Important Projects: Locally Important Projects funding can be used to support the delivery of infrastructure such as:
    • additional, or extension of, social facilities
    • improvements to paths, walkways and the local environment

While new developments are generally expected to meet their own infrastructure needs the funding can be used to support wider community infrastructure or facilities which help a community after new development.

The funds can match other sources of funding available.

The Government has not indicated to date that there will be any changes to the availability of the New Homes Bonus. If there is any change notified to us this will be published as soon as we have it.

Apply for Locally Important Projects funding

This fund is now closed.