SLDC emergency planning

Last Updated: 24 November 2022

Our role in an emergency

We are a Category 1 responder and play a key role in the Cumbria Resilience Forum response to emergencies.

Cumbria Resilience Forum

Cumbria Resilience Forum partners and links

We focus on these areas of response:

  • attending the strategic emergency control centre, which decides who makes decisions on priorities
  • running our operational control centre
  • running reception centres to shelter the public
  • making sandbags available
  • providing accommodation for people who have become homeless
  • providing information online and over the phone
  • advising on human and animal disease outbreaks
  • advising on food safety (for example, food contaminations)
  • advising on dangerous structures

The most frequent incidents within South Lakeland are severe weather events. Other types of emergency relevant to Cumbria area listed in the community risk register.

If there is a reasonable likelihood of an incident occurring the agencies will decide what level of preparations need to be put in place. This will include a command and control structure, people and physical resources, and provision of public information.

We help to keep the public up-to-date through our website, social media and press releases. Very often the contact centre will be open for longer hours.

Emergency updates and contacts

Elected members have a valuable role to play in response to an emergency as they are involved in their communities and people readily turn to them for information and support. To support this, we keep members informed with important updates.

The role of your councillor in an emergency

Emergency planning in South Lakeland

Many communities in South Lakeland have already planned for emergencies. Community emergency planning advises how to put together a community emergency plan, including contacts for community resilience groups in your area.