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Overview and Scrutiny public participation scheme

Overview and Scrutiny committee details

Whilst the Overview and Scrutiny committee has a public participation section at the start of each meeting, they work differently to our other committees in their questioning procedures.

After the committee discusses an item on the agenda, but before a decision is taken, there is the opportunity for those present at the meeting who are not committee members to ask questions.

Any councillors present will be given this opportunity first, followed by members of the public.

There is no requirement for prior notification of an intention to speak, but any time restrictions regarding the length of questions are at the Chairman’s discretion.

The use of social media, filming, videoing, photographing or recording of council meetings or other meetings which are open to the public is allowed, subject to the conditions of the protocol governing the use of mobile phones, social media, filming and recording at meetings.

The use of social media in formal meetings is permitted for members of the public, press and councillors, so long as this does not cause any disruption or disturbance. The Chairman’s decision on this point is final.

To minimise disruption to others attending the meeting, all attendees including councillors must ensure that their phone or other mobile devices are switched off or set to silent mode during the meeting.