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Current petitions

Details of petitions received within the past six years can be found below.

Date received Topic Number of signatories Action
10 November 2011

Disabled Parking in Kendal.

South Lakeland District Council proposes charging Blue Badge holders full parking price from April 2011 in all its car parks in Kendal. If you disagree with this proposal, please sign below.


Letter of response sent to petition organizer on 11 November 2011 advising that a report on parking fees, including proposals relating to disabled car park users due to be considered by Cabinet at its meeting on 16 November 2011, at Kendal Town Hall and advising how to access the agenda and papers. In addition, organizer advised that the petition has been brought to the attention of Cabinet members so that they are aware of it in considering the recommendations contained in the report.

12 December 2011

Keep Car Parks Working For Ulverston.

We, the undersigned, believe that car parking charges in Ulverston should be set in a way which supports our local businesses, traders and amenities. We therefore deplore the recently announced evening car park charges and wish to see these revoked.


Petition was presented at Resources Overview and Scrutiny meeting on Friday 16 December 2011.

Proposed car parking charges to be considered at a special meeting of Full Council (date to be confirmed).

1 May 2012

Save Our Green Spaces.

We, the undersigned, request South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) to hold a local poll on the land allocations development plan document (DPD) in advance of the Independent Evaluation by the Planning Inspector, with arguments both for and against being given equal publicity.

This poll should ask the question: 'Do you support the SLDC Land Allocations Document, YES or NO?'

Such a poll will allow all residents the opportunity to express an opinion on whether the published DPD is the best way to meet affordable homes targets or whether an alternative strategy, which does not involve the widespread destruction of our green spaces, should be developed.


(855 e-petition, 2,859 paper petition)

Petition was presented at a special meeting of Full Council on 16 May 2012 where it was considered by Members.

The petition was received and noted by Council, but the request to hold a poll was refused.

10 October 2018

Save Grange Lido.

We want GRANGE LIDO restoration to include the SWIMMING POOL, and South Lakeland District Council to confirm that any option without a swimming pool will be ruled out. 


Over 1,000 signatures verified and petition due to be presented to Council on 18 December 2018.

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