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Suggest issues for overview and scrutiny

The Overview and Scrutiny committee is always keen to receive suggestions from people who have identified significant local issues that have potential to be improved. These can be from public, parish councils, voluntary organisations, businesses or any other interested party.

You can make suggestions at any time. Priorities can change and issues emerge so we need to be flexible.

You can make a review suggestion by completing a short form (PDF/196KB/2 pages) or (DOC/19KB/2 pages).

We will contact you and let you know if your suggestion will be reviewed so that you can take part or reasons why your suggestion is not being pursued and any alternative way forward.

Supporting people to take part at meetings

Everyone is welcome to attend Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings. There are opportunities to speak on subjects being considered at meetings or other topics that you feel may be of interest. Whilst there are formal structures that legally have to be followed, in practise it is a relatively informal and friendly meeting that welcomes input from the public.  If you wish to comment please contact the Scrutiny Officer in advance of any meeting.

Meeting agendas listing issues to be considered and reports with more information are placed on our meetings calendar a week before the meeting is due to take place. 

On rare occasions, items may be confidential and the public will be asked to leave the room during the discussion. They may return when the item is concluded.

Help give information for an issue being reviewed

We welcome comments and views from anyone on current issues being reviewed. Details of current scrutiny work

Please contact the Scrutiny Officer if you want your views to be taken into account as part of the evidence we need to consider during any current work or review.