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Standards committee

Our standards committee was set up as a result of the Localism Act 2011.  Although there is no statutory requirement for us to have a standards committee, we have set one up which will deal with standards issues and case work.

The role of the committee is to monitor and assist us to promote and maintain high standards of conduct and to advise both district and parish councillors about the operation of the codes of conduct. 

The codes of conduct seek to ensure that councillors are open, fair and transparent in the conduct of their official duties. That councillors respect others in the conduct of their public lives and ensure that any decision making on behalf of their council is properly carried out.

The committee is made up of seven district councillors, and up to three non voting parish members.

Our Independent Person can attend meetings and advise, in a non-voting capacity.

The main functions of the committee are to:

  • promote and maintain high standards of conduct by councillors and co-opted members
  • assist councillors and co opted members to observe the codes of conduct
  • monitor the operation of the codes of conduct

Code of conduct for district councillors

Information for parish clerks on the code of conduct for parish councillors

Make a complaint against a district or parish councillor

More information 

Annual report to council on ethical standards 2017 to 2018 (PDF/213KB/9 pages)

Arrangements for standards (PDF/36KB/6 pages)

Procedure for hearing (PDF/46KB/7 pages)

Procedure for investigation of misconduct complaints (PDF/38KB/4 pages)

Standards committee agendas, reports and minutes

View local determinations by the three Standards Sub Committees

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