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Council plan priority economy

Enabling and delivering opportunities for sustainable economic growth

We will support the development of higher paid jobs in South Lakeland

  • engagement with the private sector and public sector partners will be central to our approach to helping to grow and develop the economy. In addition, there will be a renewed focus on helping to ensure the delivery of our key housing and employment sites
  • we will enable growth in accordance with the Cumbria Strategic Economic Plan, working in partnership with the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and Private local businesses
  • we will improve the districts competitive advantage to succeed in today’s environment, exploringopportunities to influence, engage and work with strategic partners across the northern powerhouse including Lancashire and Furness to support our growth ambition and access external funding
  • working with partners we will maximise the districts growth potential from the major investment in advanced manufacturing in the Furness area and investment opportunities in the M6 corridor, as well as positioning South Lakeland and Cumbria more firmly as part of the Northern Powerhouse
  • we will support the delivery of new employment and housing sites
  • through our ‘Invest in South Lakeland’ programme, we will promote the area and the investment opportunities as a great place to do business. We will encourage and support businesses andinvestors. We will work with our public sector partners to maximise access to funding and to encourage the provision of skills training to meet the future needs of the economy. We will encourage businesses whose products and services reduce carbon usage and improve the environment
  • we will plan for future major infrastructure needs which will support growth in the principal centres of Kendal and Ulverston. For example by assessing strategic road improvements including the Northern Development Route, north of Kendal, and lobbying the case for improvement to rail services
  • we will when opportunities present themselves make best use of our property portfolio to support economic growth, through the use of our current and future asset base 

We will help our towns and villages to thrive commercially whilst retaining their distinctive character

  • we are committed to furthering the localism agenda, empowering local communities to improve
  • we will work with local businesses and councils to help them to create town and parish plans. These will set out the vision for our towns and parishes over the next 10 years to help secure their future and encourage investment from the private and public sectors
  • we will work with local business organisations, encouraging them to foster the growth of town and village centre business
  • we will seek to implement proposals for improved access to town centres and spread the economic benefits of successful town centres across the district
  • where there is an appetite and sound rationale, we will seek opportunities to devolve services and transfer or sell local assets to town and parish councils and community groups

Measures of success

  • by 2025, the 60 hectares of new employment land identified in the South Lakeland Local Plan will have achieved major investment
  • by 2025, we will achieve inward investment enabling the creation of 1,000 new jobs in the area
  • between 2015 and 2025, we will have enabled, with the private sector, higher paid jobs and a year on year rise in thecurrent median household income of £27,495 for people who live in South Lakeland
  • between 2015 and 2025, in partnership with the district’s towns and villages, the council will ensure they maintain their distinctive character and thrive commercially by supporting and improving the current survival rate of 61% of new enterprises year on year