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Delivering our priorities

How we plan to deliver our priorities

Ensuring we are equipped to provide the best, most cost effective services.

Through a flexible and skilled workforce

Through our Customer Connect Programme staff will have the ability to work more efficiently for the customer and our workforce plan development will set out future requirements for the organisation. We will continue to develop our skilled workforce with more digital skills and a more flexible, coordinated approach to working across services. We will take advantage of the government scheme to increase our number of apprentices so their talent can be harnessed, to support both their own career development and the organization.

Through our community leaders

  • our elected Members act as community leaders and are advocates for local people. We will ensure they are given the training they need to effectively represent their residents and support their communities to become more sustainable
  • our elected Members will regularly monitor delivery of the council plan and its measures of success through its Cabinet and Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Through the Customer Connect Programme Members and customers will be able to access interactive performance data via our website giving customers the ability to hold us to account more easily
  • members across both the district council and county council will work collaboratively to deliver joint projects and activity so that duplication of work is reduced and efficiencies gained

Through a sustainable budget

  • we will ensure we have proper arrangements in place for securing financial resilience. The Medium Term Financial Plan details our financial position and the resources allocated to service areas and capital projects that will enable the council priorities to be delivered
  • significant resource pressures in the future will impact on our deficit projections. Through our Medium Term Financial Strategy, the challenges of a reduction in support from central government funding and the impact of the economic climate are regularly reviewed
  • proposals to resolve potential short and longer term deficits have been developed. Invest to save projects will achieve efficiencies and generate income, supporting this organisation to become sustainable in future years, whilst retaining the optimum level of value for money
  • whilst working within regulations our Sustainable Procurement and Commissioning Strategy will give more support to local organisations in tendering for work

Through improved customer engagement and communication

  • through our Customer Connect Programme our single view of the customer will put them at the heart of everything we do and enable them to have better access to services at times which are more convenient to them
  • our customer feedback will continue to be used to inform and improve service delivery
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