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Council plan priority housing

Providing homes to meet need

The council will help facilitate and enable the delivery of new affordable and open market housing through private sector led developments across the district.

  • we will through our South Lakeland Housing Strategy continue to work with private housing developers to maximise delivery of new market and affordable homes on allocated housing sites, including the creation of 1,000 new affordable homes for rent from the period 2014 to 2025
  • we will continue to focus our resources on strategically important projects that reflect local need, helping to address barriers to delivery where possible
  • we will implement Development Management Policies. We will review and update our environmental standards that help people to improve their homes and help builders to build environmentally sustainable new homes
  • we will work with our partners to help deliver and promote housing including starter homes. We will work to help develop and expand the opportunities for self build
  • we will work to address elderly care provision and we will encourage a range of housing to allow our young people to stay and attract new young people to the area
  • we will help facilitate and enable the delivery of new homes in small rural settlements, including barn conversions
  • we will continue to use our resources (e.g. New Homes Bonus and Second Homes Fund) and assess how they are best applied to different delivery models, to help build affordable housing and to support locally important projects

The quality and condition of private sector housing will be improved and the number of empty homes reduced

  • we will continue to work with owners and housing providers to bring empty homes back into use
  • we will continue to work with partners nationally over the high levels of second home ownership in some areas of the district
  • we will help householders with advice about energy saving initiatives

The council and its partners will work together to significantly reduce the risk of homelessness

  • we will deliver on our strategy to reduce homelessness, provide the correct available support for those who need it and maintain high standard in service provision
  • we will work with all registered housing providers to manage the impact of welfare reforms and reduce the risk of homelessness

Measures of success

By 2025, we will have enabled, with the private sector, the development of 1,000 new affordable homes to rent.

By 2025, we will have enabled, with the private sector and housing associations, an average of 60 completed permanent dwellings each quarter.

By 2025, the number of long-term empty homes, currently 827, will have reduced by 20%.

Between 2015 and 2019, the council through targeted interventions will, year on year, bring a minimum of 70 empty homes back into use.

During 2018 to 2019 the number of homeless households living in temporary accommodation will be no more than 20 at any one time.

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