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Council plan priority environment

Protecting and enhancing our environment

The council will help residents to reduce the total amount of household waste and extend the range of recycled materials from the kerbside

  • we will explore the opportunities to extend kerbside recycling to increase the range of recyclables collected and change the way we collect materials
  • we will use our waste as a resource to improve the economic return from the reuse and recycling of materials collected from the kerbside

The council will make progress in reducing carbon emissions and become more energy efficient 

  • we will reduce the council’s carbon emissions by reducing our energy use through the efficient management of our land and buildings and be an exemplar to others
  • in protecting South Lakeland we will influence and encourage others to reduce their carbon footprint

The council and its communities will enhance and protect the district’s heritage and high quality environment

  • we will support Cumbria County Council and local partners with their strategies for active travel, such as developing safer cycle and walking routes to work and school and promoting cycle tourism. We will explore potential opportunities with the Canal Trust to develop cycle routes along the canal paths of South Lakeland
  • we will implement our Development Briefs, and encourage the highest standards for new developments. They will demonstrate quality and sustainability in their preparation, planning and operation
  • we will review our Air Quality Action Plan to develop stricter air quality measures and investigate options to further improve the air quality across the district. We will continue to promote our air and water quality and address environmental nuisance complaints
  • through our open space strategy we will work with local communities to improve, manage and promote the public realm and make best use of and care for our parks and open spaces
  • we will facilitate and support our third sector, community groups and businesses to plan and prepare for potential future emergency incidents.Working with our partners we will continue to improve and enhance facilities for lake users on Windermere

Measures of success

By 2019, the amount household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting will increase from 43% to 50%. During the same period the range of recyclables will be widened.

By 2019, the amount of residual household waste not sent for reuse, recycling and composting will have reduced from the current baseline of 511kg per household.

Between 2015 and 2019 the council will, year on year, have reduced its operational carbon footprint by 100 tonnes of carbon, from a baseline of 2,869 tonnes.

Annual Report, environment

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