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School Councils


As part of our plan to encourage and inspire young people to join in with democracy we are working with school councils to help them tackle bigger issues.  

We are hosting one school council meeting for each school, once a term, in the South Lakeland District Council Chambers. This is an opportunity for a school council to start a large project they can work on throughout the year.

The school council will decide what issue they think is important for the school. We will organise the meeting with a timetable, refreshments and speakers that can help offer insights, ideas and solutions. The school council can then take what they learned back to their school and use smaller meetings in school time to put plans into action.

There are plenty of opportunities for school councils from different schools to meet and share ideas around the same topic. We are also offering schools the chance to use their election equipment so students can have a realistic voting experience when voting for their school council.

Progress so far

We have already hosted meetings for Kirkbie Kendal School Council and Queen Katherine School Council. Both of the school councils had identified recycling as a big issue for their school and they were very keen to do something about it.

Representatives from our recycling team and Waste Cumbria attended the meetings to give some exciting presentations. They listened to the school councils concerns about recycling in the school and offered suggestions for improvements.

The representative from Waste Cumbria offered the schools a free recycling bin worth £200 if the school council could help increase recycling. Kirkbie Kendal School Council have risen to the challenge, in one week the year seven year group had recycled seven hundred and thirty nine bottles.

Queen Katherine and Kirkbie Kendal School Council will be having a joint meeting to discuss what they have learned and how they can help each other.

Get involved

If your school would like to be involved in this process then please contact our team: