Statutory duties

Our responsibilities include:

  • town and country planning
  • housing
  • environmental health
  • Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rates collection
  • refuse collection
  • street cleansing
  • licensing
  • off street parking

Services Cumbria County Council provide:

  • social services
  • education
  • civil protection
  • structure planning
  • highways
  • consumer protection
  • fire service
  • libraries

The law requires us to provide some services.

We decide the amount of resources given to these depending on the level of need or risk they present.

These services include:

  • building and development control
  • Council Tax and housing benefits
  • elections
  • homelessness
  • crime and disorder
  • waste collection and recycling
  • food safety and water sampling
  • health, safety and licensing

We keep a balance between essential services and the other services people want.

Discretionary services currently provided include:

  • car parks
  • economic development
  • recreation and leisure
  • grants to voluntary organisations
  • parks and gardens