How to make a representation

A representation is a comment, opinion, suggestion or proposal. Any elector within the South Lakeland area can make a representation, as can the people we have invited to make representations

Please look at the following before making your representation:

  1. background information about the review
  2. what you can and can't tell us about
  3. the current arrangements in your area
  4. examples of the type of things people make representations about

How to make your representation

We're open to representations on any aspect of any polling district or polling place, however we're keen to hear from people with expertise or experience in relation to access to premises or facilities for people with different forms of disability.

All representations must be made in writing. The 'make a representation' button below will take you to a consultation hub called Citizen Space to make representation online.

Make a representation

Alternatively, you can make a representation by:

  • email, to
  • by letter, to Polling District Review, Electoral Services, South Lakeland District Council, South Lakeland House, Lowther Street, Kendal, LA9 4DQ

We must publish any representations we receive at the end of the review. This will include your name and whether you are an elector or an interested party, but we will not publish your email address, postal address or any other contact details.

The consultation period began on Monday 16 September 2019 and end on Friday 1 November 2019

Things you may wish to consider when making your representation

Below are some examples of things you may wish to consider when making your representation.

These are only examples, and some are more relevant to particular groups of people than others, but you can make a representation on any aspect of your polling district, polling place or polling station.

Electors and other interested parties

  • Are there suitable transport links to your polling station? Are there roads (for traffic and/or pedestrians) to your polling station? Is there public transport?
  • Are there any obstacles to your polling station, like a steep hill?
  • Is the building accessible? If not, are there aids such as ramps available?
  • Are there parking facilities, including any set aside for disabled voters?
  • Is the entrance door wide enough for an electric wheelchair?
  • Does your polling station have any steps, hazards or obstructions?

(Acting) Returning Officers, people who manage premises the buildings we use for polling stations and other interested parties

  • Is the polling station readily available in the event of an unscheduled election?
  • Is the building large enough to accommodate more than one polling station, if necessary?
  • Are there comfort facilities for staff, like heating, toilets and a kitchen?
  • Is there enough room for staff to put up signs?
  • Is there any possibility that the building will be demolished, or become permanently unavailable?
  • Is there enough room in the polling station to comfortably hold staff, voters, polling agents and observers?
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