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Polling district review

The final proposals were approved at the council's meeting on 25 February 2014.

The only change during this review was to the polling station for the Polling District of Upper Holker (DJ) (the Upper Holker Ward of the Parish of Lower Allithwaite) from Flookburgh Village Hall to Cartmel Village Hall, Park Gate, Cartmel, to improve the convenience for voters.

Polling district review 2013: final proposals (PDF/578KB/51 pages)

Polling district review 2013: after consultation map (PDF/1.5MB/1 page)

Other documents can be viewed at South Lakeland House, Kendal, upon request.


Each local authority is required to carry out reviews of the polling districts and polling places in its area.

The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 changed the timing of these reviews and the next review must be held between 1 October 2018 and 31 January 2019.

These reviews look at polling districts and polling places in an authority's area.

A council's area is divided into polling districts.  One or more polling districts can make up a district ward.  Polling districts in South Lakeland follow parish boundaries or boundaries of parish wards.

A polling place is an area or building within a polling district in which a polling station is situated.

Consequently, it is inevitable that polling stations are also considered as part of these reviews.  The suitability of polling stations is assessed, along with their accessibility, facilities for voters and, in particular, for those with a disability, and whether the premises are economic with regard to the number of voters allocated to the polling station.

These reviews are based on council areas or parliamentary constituencies and, consequently, it is imperative that the views of the (Acting) Returning Officer are sought and considered.