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The legislation and guidance we must follow

Terms of reference

The Community Governance Review Terms of Reference (PDF 148KB / 12 pages) were published on 24 July 2018.

The Terms of reference contains the following information:

  • background information about Community Governance Reviews (CGRs) and why we're undertaking one now
  • a list of the legislation and guidance we have to follow when conducting the review
  • the consultation process, the timeline of the review and review stages
  • Electoral forecasts
  • Parishes, parish areas, boundaries and viability
  • the grouping of parishes
  • electoral arrangements
  • reorganisation of community governance orders and commencement
  • consequential matters

The Terms of Reference were presented and approved at the full Council meeting on 24 July 2018.

Guidance and legislation

We must conduct the CGR with reference to the guidance and legislation listed below:

The relevant national guidance listed above was published in March 2010 by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, in accordance with Section 100(4) of the 2007 Act. We considered this guidance carefully when drawing up the Terms of Reference and the timetable.

The 2007 Act transferred powers to principal councils which had previously (under the Local Government Act 1997) been shared with the Electoral Commission's Boundary Committee for England. We must therefore be guided by the below regulations, particularly with regards to consequential matters that may arise from the Review:

Under Section 81 of the 2007 Act we must publish our Terms of Reference, clearly setting out the focus of the Review. The Terms of Reference document above fulfils this requirement.

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