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Parish by-elections

Two parish by-elections have been called in Ulverston and Burneside and nominations have now closed.

Ulverston Town Council by-election

Nominations have closed and two candidates stand validly nominated:

Candidate Name  Description (if any)
Bob BROWN Labour Party
Margaret HORNBY The Conservative Party Candidate

A by-election will be held on 7 September 2017. 

Please note, the polling station for this election is St. Mary's of Furness Catholic Church (Church Hall), not the Coronation Hall.

Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll (PDF/1 page/43KB)

Notice of Election for Ulverston Town Ward (PDF/1 page/9KB)

Burneside Parish Council by-election

Nominations have closed and one candidate stands validly nominated:

 Candidate name Description (if any)
 Gayle Patricia HOWARTH none

Therefore Gayle Patricia Howarth is elected to Burneside Parish Council unopposed and a poll will not take place.

Result of uncontested election for Burneside (Strickland Ketel ward) (PDF/1 page/18KB)

Statement of Persons Nominated for Burneside (Strickland Ketel ward) (PDF/1 page/43KB)

Notice of Election for Burneside (Strickland Ketel ward) (PDF/1 page/9KB)

Register to vote in the parish by-elections

To vote in the Ulverston Town Council by-election you must be resident in the ward.

Register to vote

The deadline for registering is Monday 21 August.

Postal and proxy voting

If you cannot get to the polling station you can apply for a postal or proxy vote.

We must receive postal vote forms by 5pm on Tuesday 22 August.

Proxy voting forms must reach us by 5pm on Wednesday 30 August.