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Local elections 3 May 2018

Elections will be held on Thursday 3 May 2018 for South Lakeland District Council and in some areas, parish and town councils. The Notice of Election was published on Friday 23 March, and the Statement of Persons Nominated on Monday 9 April.

Poll cards for the elections will start to be delivered during the week commencing Monday 26 March. If you do not receive a poll card you may not be registered to vote. If you are unsure if you are registered or not, please contact our Electoral Services Team as soon as possible.

The first batch of postal votes is due to be dispatched on Thursday 19 April 2018. There are subsequent deliveries of postal vote packs for those who have applied later or made amendments to their postal vote.

District council election

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England recently carried out an electoral review of South Lakeland District Council.

Final recommendations of the electoral review

The District Council currently consists of 51 members and this has not changed. However the number of wards has reduced from 45 to 18, each represented by either two or three councillors. To set up these new wards, all 51 seats will be contested on 3 May 2018.

District council elections 2018

Parish elections

Elections will be held on 3 May 2018 for Kendal Town Council and the East ward of Ulverston Town Council.

The following parish councils were scheduled to have elections but they were uncontested so no poll will be held:

  • Dent Parish Council
  • Garsdale Parish Council
  • Natland Parish Council
  • Sedbergh Parish Council

The electoral review also recommended changes to the wards of Kendal Town Council. The Town Council will still be made up of 28 councillors, however the number of wards has reduced from 16 to 10.

The election in the East ward of Ulverston Town Council was  caused by the resignation of Dawn Smith. There will be a by-election and the poll will take place on Thursday, 3rd May 2018.

Parish council elections 2018

What's different this year

  • your polling station may have changed. A handful of streets and houses have moved polling stations as a result of the boundary changes. Please read your poll card carefully, it will tell you exactly where you need to go
  • all but one of the district wards (Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale) have had their name and boundaries changed
  • the ballot paper may be longer than normal with more candidates to choose from
  • you will be able to vote for more than one candidate. Your ballot paper will tell you how many candidates you are allowed to select, so please read the instructions carefully
  • you will be voting on the same day as all other electors in the district, because all 51 seats are up for election this year

Candidates for the elections

District Council elections

Parish Council elections

Stand as a candidate

The deadline for submitting a nomination paper to stand as a candidate has now passed.

Registration deadlines

To vote, you must be on the Register of Electors.

The deadline to register in time to vote in the elections on 3 May has passed. If you have recently moved and are still registered at another address within the South Lakeland area, please contact the Electoral Services team as you may be able to vote from your old address.

Sometimes we have to ask people for documentary evidence (such as a passport or driving license) to complete their application to register, particularly if the application does not include a National Insurance number. If you have recently applied to register and we have asked you for documentary evidence, the deadline to provide this is Wednesday 25 April.

If you apply after these deadlines, you will appear on the register published on 1 June and you will be unable to vote on 3 May.

Register to vote

Postal and proxy vote deadlines

If you are unable to attend your polling station on 3 May, you may wish to vote by proxy.

The deadline to apply for a postal vote, make a change to an existing postal vote, cancel a postal vote or apply for a postal proxy vote has passed.

The deadline to apply for an ordinary proxy vote is 5pm on Wednesday 25 April.

The deadline to apply for an emergency proxy vote is 5pm on polling day, Thursday 3 May. However, emergency proxies can only be used if you have had a medical emergency or for work reasons and you must have only become aware of the medical emergency or work-related reason after 5pm on Wednesday 25 April.

You cannot vote in local elections if you are a British citizen living abroad who is registered as an overseas elector.