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Local elections May 2019

Elections will be held on Thursday 2 May 2019 for sixteen of the South Lakeland District Council wards. 

The district wards up for election this year 

Twenty four parish councils are scheduled to have an election in 2019, and a by-election has been called for one of the seats on the Stonecross ward of Kendal Town Council. Any parish elections contested will also be held on Thursday 2 May 2019.

The parishes up for election this year

Not everywhere has elections this year. Find out which areas are not scheduled to have elections on 2 May 2019

How to apply for a postal or proxy vote

The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm on Monday 15 April 2019, and the deadline to apply for an ordinary proxy vote is 5pm on Wednesday 24 April 2019.

Apply for a postal or proxy vote 

If you have an emergency that has arisen because of illness/incapacity or work/service reasons you can apply for an emergency proxy vote. You must have become aware of the emergency after 5pm on Wednesday 24 April, and your application must be supported and signed by a medical professional or your employer.

The deadline to apply for an emergency proxy is 5pm on polling day, which is Thursday 2 May 2019

When your postal ballot papers will be sent to you

Postal ballot papers will be dispatched by Royal Mail on 15 and 18 April 2019.

If you applied for your postal vote before 20 March 2019, your ballot papers will be dispatched on 15 April 2019.

If you applied after 20 March 2019, your ballot papers will be dispatched on 18 April 2019. Friday 19 April 2019 (Good Friday) and Monday 22 April 2019 (Easter Monday) are both bank holidays, there may therefore be a delay in Royal Mail delivering your ballot papers. Please contact us if you will be away over this period, you may wish to have a proxy vote or have your ballot papers sent somewhere other than your home address instead.

Your ballot papers must reach us by 10pm on polling day, which is Thursday 2 May, 2019

How to complete and return your ballot papers

Lost postal ballot papers

The earliest date for requesting a replacement postal vote is Friday 26 April 2019. Please contact us if you have a postal vote and haven't received your ballot papers by this date. 

How to register to vote

You can apply to register to vote at any time, however the deadline to register to vote in time for the elections on 2 May 2019 has passed. 

Register to vote

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