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By-elections for Arnside & Milnthorpe District Ward and Kent Estuary County Electoral Division

Notices of vacancy were published in early November for the Arnside & Milnthorpe Ward of South Lakeland District Council, and the Kent Estuary Electoral Division of Cumbria County Council.

Elections have been called for both vacancies, and will be held on Thursday, 20 December.

Beetham Parish Council also published a vacancy. However an election has not been called because the Parish Council has an election scheduled in May 2019, and the Notice fell within six months of the normal date of retirement for the councillors.

The seats were previously held by Ian Stewart, who passed away in October. Councillors Rupert Audland and Pete McSweeney continue to represent the district ward of Arnside & Milnthorpe.

Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll: Arnside & Milnthorpe District Ward (PDF/128KB/1 page)

Statement of Persons nominated and Notice of Poll: Kent Estuary Electoral Division (PDF/109KB/1 page)

Notice of Election: Arnside & Milnthorpe District Ward (PDF/106KB/1 page)

Notice of Election: Kent Estuary Electoral Division (PDF/105KB/1 page)

Registering to vote in time for the by-election

You can only vote in the by-election if you live in the Arnside & Milnthorpe Ward/Kent Estuary Electoral Division and are registered to vote.

The deadline to register to vote in time for the election has now passed, however, you can register to vote at any time for future elections.

Register to vote

Postal and proxy voting

The deadlines to apply for, cancel or change a postal vote or ordinary proxy vote have passed.

If you have medical emergency or an emergency related to your work/occupation/service/employment that means you can't go to your polling station in person you may be able to apply for an emergency proxy vote.

The deadline for emergency proxy applications is 5pm on polling day, which is Thursday 20 December. Your application must be supported and signed by a medical or social care professional or your employer (depending on the reason for your emergency) and you must have become aware of the emergency after 12 December.

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