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Other forms and letters we send during the canvass

 We send a number of other forms and letters during the annual canvass as well as the household enquiry form (HEFs).

Why we send letters by email.

Invitation to Register (ITR) forms

 If you (or anyone else in your household) are added to a HEF, we must contact you and invite you to register to vote.

Register to vote online

You can either wait for us to send you a registration form (also called an 'invitation to register' (ITR)) by post or email, or you can register to vote online using the above link.

The HEF and the ITR are two different forms. If we've sent you an ITR, you must complete it to be added to the Register.

You can add yourself to your property and register to vote at the same time if you respond to your HEF online.

If you aren't registered, you can't vote. It may also make it more difficult for you to get credit for things such as a mobile phone contract, mortgage or credit card.

Reminder HEFs and ITRs

You're legally required to respond to your HEF or ITR. If we don't receive a response we must send reminders.

You may receive a reminder even though you have already responded to a form. This is usually because:

  • there has been a cross over between you responding and the reminder being printed and posted to you (which can take several days)
  • the reminder is for an ITR, not your HEF. We've had a HEF response for your household and your name was added to the property, so we've written to you again to invite to you register to vote. The HEF and ITR are separate forms and you need to complete both

If you'd like to check if we've received your response you can get in touch using the contact details listed at the bottom of this page. 

Open Register opt-in or opt-out

Your HEF will state whether or not you're on the Open Register.

If you're the person who has responded to the HEF and you change your Open Register preference, we will make the change immediately. However, if someone else has responded to the HEF and changes your open register preference, we will write to you and ask you to confirm this. This is because electoral registration is an individual matter, and we can't opt you in or out without your permission.

Postal and proxy vote applications

Your HEF will state whether you're registered to vote in person, by post or by proxy.

If you (or someone in your household) changes your preferred voting method on your HEF, we must contact you again. If your details are changed to:

  • voting by post, we'll send you an application form in the post to complete and sign
  • Voting by proxy, we'll write to you with details of where you can download the application forms. There are several versions (depending on the reason you would like a proxy vote), so please contact us on 01539 733 333 if you're unsure which version to use and we'll send you a paper form
  • voting in person, we'll contact you and ask you to confirm you no longer want a postal or proxy vote in writing. You can send a letter or email to the address at the bottom of the screen. Please include your name, address and a short message clearly stating that you wish to vote in person from now on 

Changing your voting method on your HEF doesn't mean you have a postal or proxy vote from now on. You must complete and sign a separate application form.

Change of name form

If you change your name on a HEF, we'll send you a change of name form. You must provide a copy of the document used to change your name (for example, a marriage certificate or deed poll). 

Changing your name on a HEF won't change your name on the Electoral Register. You must complete a separate change of name form.  

Why we send letters by email

Where possible, we send letters and forms by email because this can be more convenient for electors, reduces the amount of paper we use and saves council resources.

We receive email addresses when electors complete the optional section of the relevant form to:

  • register to vote
  • apply for a postal or proxy vote
  • respond to the canvass in a previous year

By allowing us to email you, you are helping to make the canvass more efficient and cost-effective as we would have to send a paper form otherwise.

We will only use your email address for electoral purposes, and won't share it with any other department or organisation. If you don't want us to contact you by email in future you can unsubscribe by replying to our email, or by calling or writing to us at the below address.

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