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Household enquiry forms

You should receive a household enquiry form (HEF) in July or early August. It will list the names of everyone who is registered to vote at the property, and the following information about them:

  • their nationality
  • whether they have postal or proxy vote
  • whether they're included on the Open Register or not
  • if they're aged 76 or over. This is relevant because the Jury Service uses the Electoral Register to summon people for jury service, and you must be aged between 18 and 75 to serve on a jury

You must respond to this form, even if the information about the household is correct and hasn't changed since last year.

Please respond as soon as possible to avoid being sent reminder forms. Personal canvassers will be out visiting homes later in the canvass to help people complete their forms, where we haven't received a response.

How to respond

There are several ways to respond to your HEF. You'll need your postcode and two-part code number to hand. Your security code is printed on the first page of your form.

 Respond to your HEF online 

If the information is correct and there are no changes

You can respond to your HEF in one of the following ways:

  • using the online HEF link above
  • calling the automated telephone service
  • sending a text message
  • contacting our office by telephone
  • by post, using the envelope provided with your HEF

If you need to make changes

You can't use the automated telephone or text message services if you need to change your household details. You can respond by:

  • using the online HEF link above
  • contacting our office by telephone
  • post, using the envelope provided. Please cross out the names of anyone who is no longer living at your address, add the names of anyone who is missing and make any changes to the details of the people we already have registered there

If your name is missing

If your name is missing, or there are no names at all, this usually is because we don't have you registered to vote at the property. Please respond to your HEF by adding the names of anyone living at your address who is eligible to register to vote. Once we receive your response we will contact you again with an invitation to register (ITR) form, or you can register to vote online.

You can add yourself to your property and register to vote at the same time if you respond to your HEF online.

If you've recently registered to vote, your name may be missing from your HEF. You still need to respond to your HEF, so please add your name. 

If you made a mistake when you responded

Please call us on 01539 733 333 and we'll make any changes needed, your security code won't work if you try to respond again.

Who to include in your response

We need to know about anyone who is eligible to register to vote and living at your address. To be eligible to register to vote you must:

  • be a permanent resident in the South Lakeland area
  • a British, Irish, European Union or qualifying Commonwealth citizen
  • be aged 16 or over, but you can't vote until you reach 18

Students who have, or are about to move to university

Students who are eligible to register to vote should be included in your household response, because students can register at both their home and term time addresses.

16 to 17 year olds

Although they are not eligible to vote, being registered will ensure they can vote as soon as they reach 18. Please include them in your response, if they are not registered we'll write to them separately and invite them to register.

Please don't include children aged under 16 in your response.

Who to exclude or remove from your response

People who have moved into long-term care, for example, a nursing home

The nursing home is now the main residence and they should be registered to vote there instead.

We'll send canvass forms to nursing and care homes later in the canvass, so please speak to the manager or officer in charge to ensure they've included your friend or relative in their response.

People using the property as a second home

We still need to know if anyone should be registered to vote, so you must respond to your HEF to let us know the property is (or still is) a second home.

However, you can only register to vote at your main residence and as generally second homes are not considered main residences. Please do not add your name to the section of the HEF that asks who lives at the property, and just mark the section that asks if the property is a second home.

If someone listed in your HEF has died

We're usually informed when an elector has passed away by a 'tell us once' form, however we may not have received this information or not received it in time for the Register we've used for the canvass. Please remove their name when you respond to your HEF. If you respond using the paper form please make a note that they have passed away, as well as crossing out their name. If you respond using the online service there is an option to mark them as having passed away.

If the house is empty

We need to know if the house is empty. The person (or people) who are responsible for the property must respond to the HEF to let us know there's no-one living there.

If there's no-one eligible to register to vote at the address

If there's no-one eligible to register (for example, because of their nationality) living at the address, you must still respond to the HEF. Please mark that there is no-one eligible to vote at the address.

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