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Why we have visited your property

Throughout the annual canvass we send reminder Household Enquiry (HEF) and Invitation to Register (ITR) forms by post and email. If we don't receive a response to these forms, we're legally required to visit your property in person to help you to complete them.

Canvassers will be going out across South Lakeland at the end of September, until mid-November. If they're unable to speak to someone from your household, they will leave a calling card encouraging you to complete your form.

Canvassers can take HEF responses from anyone in your household, but if they are visiting to you for an ITR, they need to speak to you personally.

All canvassers will carry a South Lakeland District Council identification badge and will make their visits during the day, evening and at weekends.

If a canvasser visits, even though you have responded to a form, this could be because:

  • there has been a cross over between your response and us sending the canvasser out. Their lists are updated frequently, but if you have responded very recently this information may not have reached the canvasser in time
  • the canvasser hasn't visited you for a household enquiry form. We've had a HEF response from your household and your name has been added to the property, so we've written to you to invite you to register to vote. The two forms are separate and you need to complete both

Please respond to your form as soon as possible to avoid a canvasser visit. If you'd like to check if we've received a response to your HEF or ITR, you can call us on 01539 733 333 or contact us by email: