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Why we have sent you an email

Household enquiry forms

Household enquiry forms (HEFs) have recently been sent to some electors by email. The email should come from '' and the subject should be 'DO NOT IGNORE: Your Household Enquiry Form is inside this email'.

This email is genuine, and has been sent because it is quicker and easier for you to receive and respond to your HEF by email and saves resources, as we would have to print and post the form to you otherwise.

The form has been sent to all electors who have provided us with an email address. This means that several members of the same household may receive an email, or that emails may be sent to people who aren't considered 'head of the household', such as lodgers, members of staff and adult children.

We only need one response per household. This can be from anyone living at, or responsible for the address.

Please respond by Monday 23 July. After this date you won't be able to respond by email, and you'll be sent a paper form through the post.

Don't worry if you don't receive an email. In August we'll send paper HEFs to anyone who either doesn't have an email address or hasn't responded to their email.

Invitations to register

If you, or anyone else in your household is added to a HEF, we must contact you and invite you to register to vote. If your HEF response included your email address, we will send the invitation by email, rather than post.

The email should come from '' and the subject should be 'DO NOT IGNORE: Your invitation to register to vote is inside this email'.

The link will take you to a secure website to complete your registration.

Opt out

Your HEF will state whether or not you're on the Open Register.

Electoral registration is an individual matter, so we can't make Open Register changes for people without their permission. If you're the person that completed the HEF and you changed your Open Register preference, we'll make that change right away. If someone else filled in the form, we'll contact you and ask for your permission first. If your HEF response included your email address, we'll contact you by email, rather than post.

Please complete the form attached to your email and send it to the email or postal address in the message.

You don't need to give a reason for opting out of the Open Register and removing your name doesn't affect your right to vote.

How we obtained your email address

We have collected your email address when you completed a form such as a HEF, registration form or postal vote, and completed the optional section to give your email address. We don't collect your email address when you send emails to us, or any other council department.

By allowing us to email you, you are helping to save money and paper as we would have to print and post a form to you otherwise. We don't email you often, but if you don't want us to contact you by email, you can unsubscribe. Please include your name and address in the message and we'll remove your email address from our records.

What we do with your personal information