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The information we have asked you about

Your household enquiry form

Your household enquiry form (HEF) will list the following information about the people we currently have registered to vote at your address:

  • their names
  • if they are aged 76 or over, we ask for this information because the jury service uses the Electoral Register to summon jurors and the age limits to serve on a jury are 18 to 75
  • their nationality
  • whether they have a postal or proxy vote
  • whether they're included on the Open Register

We need to know if anyone (who is eligible to register to vote) has moved in or out, and if any of the other information should be changed, for example, someone would like to vote by post from now on.

If your name is missing from your household enquiry form

If your name is missing, or there are no names at all, this usually is because we don't have you registered to vote there.

Please respond to your HEF by adding the names of anyone living at your address who is eligible to register to vote. Once your name is added to the response we'll contact you again with an invitation to register form (ITR) so we can add you to the Electoral Register.

If you've recently registered to vote, your name may be missing from your HEF, this is is because the deadline to be added to the register we're using for the canvass was in July. It doesn't mean there's a problem with your registration and if we need anymore information about this we'll contact you. You still need to respond to your HEF, so please add your name.  

Who to include in your HEF response

We need to know about anyone who is eligible to register to vote and living at your address. To be eligible to register to vote you must:

  • live in the South Lakeland area on a permanent basis, that is, at least six months of the year
  • a British, Irish, EU or qualifying Commonwealth citizen
  • aged 16 or over, but you can't vote until you're 18

You should include students who have, or are about to move for university

Students can register at both their home and term time addresses, so students who are eligible to register to vote should be included in your household response.

16 to 17 year olds must be included in your response

Although they aren't eligible to vote, being registered will ensure they can vote as soon as they reach 18. If you add their name to the property and we don't already have them registered, we'll write to them separately and invite them to register.

Please don't include children under 16 in your response.

If someone listed in your HEF has died

We're usually made aware that someone has passed away by a 'tell us once' form, however we may not have received this information or not received it in time for the Register we're using for the canvass. Please remove their name when you respond to your HEF. If you respond using the paper form please make a note that they have passed away. If you respond using the online service, there is an option to mark them as having passed away.

You shouldn't include anyone who has moved into long-term care, for example, a nursing home

The nursing home is now their main residence and they should be registered to vote there instead.

We'll send canvass forms to nursing and care homes in September, so please speak to the manager or officer in charge to ensure they've included your friend or relative in their response.

If the address is a second home

You must respond to your HEF to let us know if it is (or still is) a second home.

You can only register to vote at your main residence and generally second homes are not considered a main residence, so you must not register there. Please do not add your name to the HEF, but simply confirm that there is no-one eligible to register to vote living there.

If you're moving house

If you're moving within the next month, don't respond to the HEF we have sent to your current address, please leave it for the new residents to complete.

When you move to your new home, a HEF for that property should be there for you to respond to. You can then register to vote online afterwards, or wait for us to send you a paper ITR.

If the address is empty, or has no-one eligible to register to vote living there

If you're the person responsible for the property you must respond to the HEF to let is know that there's no-one living there, or that the people who live there aren't eligible to register to vote.