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How to respond to your household enquiry form

You must respond to your household enquiry form (or HEF, for short) even if there are no changes.

If you have received a HEF by email

Please respond using the link in the email, you'll need your postcode and two part security code to hand. Alternatively, you can contact Electoral Services on 01539 733 333.

Please respond by Monday 23 July. After this date you won't be able to respond by email, and you'll be sent a paper form through the post.

Don't worry if you don't receive an email. In August we'll send paper HEFs to anyone who either doesn't have an email address or hasn't responded to their email.

Anyone who is added to the property will be sent a separate invitation to register (also called an 'ITR') form.

If you use the online response service, the system will give you the option of entering your basic details or full details. If you select basic, we'll send you an ITR afterwards. If you enter your full details (this includes your National Insurance number) the system will take your registration at the same time, so we won't need to send you an ITR. 

If your voting method is changed on a HEF this doesn't automatically mean you now have a postal or proxy vote. We'll send you an application form, which you must complete.

Being added to a HEF doesn't automatically put you on the Electoral Register, you must also complete any registration forms we send to you.

If you make a mistake when responding

Please call us on 01539 733 333 and we'll make any changes needed, your security code won't work if you try to use it to respond again.