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North West Coast Connections Project

The North West Coast Connections (NWCC) project is one of the largest proposed infrastructure investments in the North West of England for 50 years.

It will provide new 400kV transmission lines to connect the 3.4GW nuclear power station proposed by Nugen at Moorside, Sellafield to the national grid network.

The existing 132kV distribution network managed by Electricity North West (ENW) is not sufficient to connect to the new power station.

The NWCC comprises a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) which means it will be decided by the Secretary of State, through a Development Consent Order (DCO) process, rather than by a planning application to local planning authorities.

NWCC project team have to consult with us and with other affected planning authorities in Cumbria and north Lancashire. We have entered into a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) with National Grid so we can engage effectively at each stage in the project.

Our response to National Grid's recent S.42 consultation (PDF/1MB/59 pages) was approved by Cabinet on 14 December 2016.

With the other PPA authorities, to the timetable agreed with National Grid, we submitted:

Update June 2017

NuGen is currently undertaking a 'strategic review' of the proposed nuclear power station project at Moorside and as a result National Grid is also 'pausing' the NWCC project until the outcome of NuGen's review is known.

The PPA will not be 'closed' but will remain active to allow for immediate input by the authorities once the project is restarted. During the 'pause' National Grid will have a 'virtual' NWCC project team.

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