Local Plan Review overview

Last Updated: 14 October 2022

We are reviewing our Local Plan to ensure that all our planning policies are up to date and continue to meet the development needs of our area to 2040. The Local Plan relates to the district outside the National Parks.

Our new Local Plan will update and replace a number of our existing Local Plan documents. This includes the Core Strategy, Land Allocations and Development Policies documents. It will not replace the Arnside and Silverdale AONB Local Plan document which contains policies and allocations which apply only in the AONB to protect its special character. These policies are recently adopted and are not being reviewed. However many other Local Plan policies (in the Core Strategy and Development Management DPDs) apply to the whole Local Plan area including the AONB and are being reviewed.

We consulted on our 'Issues and Options' report and a range of supporting documents in summer 2021. The consultation closed on 29 October 2021. We have been reviewing all the responses and feedback and will use these to inform the preparation of the draft Local Plan, which we will consult on in 2023.

Find out more about the Issues and Options stage: 2021: Issues and Options Consultation and second Call for Sites

We launched our review with some early engagement activities in early 2020 and also launched a 'Call for Sites' exercise in July 2020. Further information is available about the work to date: 2020: Early Engagement and first Call for Sites

As we prepare evidence base studies and reports they will be added to the evidence section.

We are currently revising the timetable for the Local Plan Review and will be publishing an updated Local Development Scheme (LDS) to update the Local Development Scheme, October 2018 (PDF 729KB / 18 pages).

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