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Land allocations

The Local Plan Land Allocations document identifies land for different types of development outside the National Parks.

The documents listed below, including the final allocations maps, can be viewed in the adoption documents folder.

  • Local Plan Land Allocations document and maps, December 2013
  • Local Plan Land Allocations adoption statement, December 2013
  • Inspector's report, November 2013
  • Sustainability Statement December 2013 and all background sustainability appraisal documents including the main SA Report

The interactive local plan policies map shows policies, designations and allocations identified in the local plan land allocations.

Designations and allocations can also be seen on individual settlement maps.

Development briefs are being prepared for some allocated sites.

Information on the process can be found in the:

Find more information on the .gov website or by reading A Brief Guide to Examining DPDs.