Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP)

The community infrastructure levy (CIL) is a charge we apply to new development to help pay for the infrastructure needed to support it.

The Draft CIL Charging Schedule was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 3 December 2014, alongside all supporting documents and evidence.

Following hearings held on 10 February 2015, the council received the CIL Examiner's report on 20 March 2015 and the CIL was approved by the council on 20 May 2015. It came into force 1 June 2015.

CIL must strike a balance between paying for infrastructure and not stopping development by making it financially unviable. You can find out more information by following these links:

If you are making a planning application you need to include information to meet the CIL requirements. 

Information on CIL and planning applications

We have also prepared a CIL briefing on how CIL will affect the development industry. CIL briefing presentation (PDF 398KB / 27 pages)

CIL income  

How CIL will be spent and managed

On 13 September 2017, Cabinet approved a proposed framework for the governance and expenditure of income from CIL receipts on strategic infrastructure. For further information please see the CIL Cabinet report (PDF 96KB / 10 pages).

A proportion of CIL income (normally 15%) is paid automatically every 6 months to those parish and town councils where CIL-liable development has taken place. This can be spent on local infrastructure and other projects which support development of the area. More information can be found in our Parish and Town council advice note: updated April 2017 (PDF 69KB / 3 pages).

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP)

An updated version of the IDP has now been published following approval at Cabinet on 13 September 2017. We have also produced a summary version of the document.