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CIL submission and examination documents

Examination documents general

ExCIL ED1 Examiner's Main Matters and Issues for the Examination 5 Jan 2015 (PDF/104KB/4pages)

ExCIL ED2 Examiner's Briefing Note 5 Jan 2015 (PDF/86KB/4pages)

ExCIL ED3 Timetable for the Examination Hearing (PDF/28KB/2pages)

Examination statements

ExCIL ES1 SLDC's Response to the Examiner's Matters and Issues (PDF/236KB/19pages)

ExCIL ES2 SLDC's Additional Note: Retail 11 Feb 2015 (PDF/54KB/5pages) 

Additional documents referred to by representatives in responding to matters and issues:

ExCIL ES1a South Lakeland Retail Study Update Feb 2012 (PDF/5.46MB/180pages)

ExCIL ES1b Ulverston Canal Head Master Plan 2005 (PDF/25.2MB/149pages)

ExCIL ES1c Kendal Canal Head Area Action Plan: Preferred Options Report April 2008 (PDF/2.8MB/124pages)

ExCIL ES1d Kendal Canal Head Preferred Options Report: Appendix A: Detailed Financial Appraisal April 2008 (PDF/799KB/85pages)

ExCIL ES1e Kendal Canal Head Area Action Plan: Revised Preferred Options Report Sept 2010 (PDF/8.32MB/120pages)

ExCIL ES1f Kendal Canal Head: Development Appraisal of Gilkes Master Plan Version 5 Aug 2010 (PDF/96KB/18pages)

ExCIL ES1g Technical Note by ARUP on Financial Appraisal of Gilkes Master Plan Version 5 Aug 2010 (PDF/232KB/6pages) 

Submission stage November 2014

ExCIL S1 Draft Charging Schedule Submission Version Nov 2014 (PDF/1.43MB/52pages)

ExCIL S2 Reg 19 (1) (b) Statement of Representations and Summary of Main Issues Nov 2014 (PDF/666KB/43pages)

ExCIL S3 Representations to the CIL Draft Charging Schedule made under Regulation 16 

ExCIL S4 CIL Viability Study Update July 2014 (PDF/2MB/94pages)

ExCIL S5 Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan Update Aug 2014 (PDF/6MB/154pages)

ExCIL S6 Draft Charging Schedule Notice of Submission Dec 2014 (PDF/39KB/1page)

ExCIL S7 Statement of Compliance Nov 2014 (PDF/60KB/7pages)

ExCIL S8 List of Submitted Documents and Examination Documents Updated 5 February 2015 (PDF/62KB/4pages) 

Draft CIL charging schedule consultation September/October 2014

ExCIL D1 Draft Charging Schedule Aug 2014(PDF/2.38MB/52pages)

ExCIL D2 Reg 16 Statement of Representations Procedure Sep 2014 (PDF/43KB/1page)

ExCIL D3 PDCS Consultation Statement Aug 2014 (PDF/1.6MB/35pages)

Preliminary draft CIL charging schedule stage March/April 2014

ExCIL P1 Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule March 2014 (PDF/1MB/38 pages)

ExCIL P2 Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan Update  Jan 2014 (PDF/6MB/144pages)

ExCIL P3 South Lakeland CIL Viability Study Jan 2014 (PDF/1MB/111pages)

ExCIL P4 Reg 15 Notice of Consultation March 2014 (PDF/44KB/1page)

Other Supporting Documents

ExCIL SUP001 South Lakeland Core Strategy Oct 2010 (PDF/4.36MB/180pages)

ExCIL SUP002 Local Plan Land Allocations Dec 2013 (PDF/2MB/160pages)

ExCIL SUP003 Infrastructure Delivery Plan March 2013 (PDF/6MB/144pages)

ExCIL SUP004 Land Allocations DPD Viability Study April 2013 (PDF/1MB/124pages)

ExCIL SUP005 Land Allocations DPD Viability Study Appendices April 2013 (PDF/8MB/160pages)