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Sustainability appraisals

What should a sustainability appraisal contain?

This statement should outline the elements of the scheme that address sustainable development issues, including the positive environmental, social and economic implications.

When is a sustainability appraisal required?

For regionally significant proposals (see definition below) a sustainability statement will be required.  Definition of Regionally Significant Development:

  • mixed Use development on sites of 10ha+, 10,000sq.m+ gross floor space (not including residential) or 150+ residential units
  • residential Development of 150+ units or 50+ on an unallocated greenfield site; Employment Development of 10ha+ on previously developed land or 5ha+ on greenfield land; development that loses more than 10,000 sq.m of employment space; or B1 office developments over 5,000 sq.m in out of centre locations
  • leisure and tourism uses which would attract more than 100,000 visitors per year or casinos with a floorspace of 5,000 sq.m+
  • renewable Energy Developments with a total installed capacity of 25 megawatts+
  • non residential institutions of 2,500 sq.m in an out of centre location

If you are unclear whether you are required to supply a sustainability appraisal then you should contact a Planning Officer for guidance and advice.  The Government's Policy on delivering sustainable development is set out in PPS1 (Feb 2005) and  the supplement to PPS1 - Planning and Climate Change (Jan 2008).