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Statement of community involvement

What is a Statement of Community Involvement?

A Statement of Community Involvement is a written statement which sets out the level and nature of
consultation that has been undertaken with the community in the formulation of a development
proposal prior to the submission of a planning application.

When is a Statement of Community Involvement required?

Applicants will be expected to demonstrate appropriate community engagement has been
undertaken in the formulation of the development proposals prior to the submitting their scheme for
the following types of application:-

  • when the proposal is judged by the case officer to be locally significant (see definition below), or
  • an application is classified as a departure from the Development Plan, or
  • the proposal falls into the definition of a major application (see definition below).

Major Development: - Major developments are defined as residential applications for 10 or more
dwellings, or residential sites greater 0.5ha. For all other uses, the definition is a floor space of
1,000m2 or more, or sites over 1.0ha.

Locally significant - A proposal which in the opinion of the Case Officer would alter the overall
character of the locality in which it is to be developed either by nature of its scale, visibility or by
the nature of its use, or could set a damaging precedent.

Further Guidance

  • Planning Officers can advise on appropriate forms of engagement.