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Planning obligations

What are Planning Obligations?

Planning obligations (Section 106 Agreements) are private agreements negotiated between local planning authorities and persons with an interest in a piece of land (or developers), and they are intended to make an acceptable development which would otherwise have been unacceptable in planning terms.

When is a Planning Obligation required?

Where Local Development Framework policies give details of likely Section 106 requirements, a statement of the proposed Heads of Terms may be submitted with the application.

Further Guidance

Further advice is available in ODPM Circular 05/2005, Planning Obligations and the model Section 106 Agreement.

Planning Obligations for Affordable Housing

For affordable housing schemes please refer to our 'Affordable Housing Guidance for Developers'

Information on the draft Heads of Terms for affordable housing can be obtained from the Council's Strategic Housing and Enabling Team email: (

The level of affordable housing that will be required within any scheme should be discussed with the planning officer at an early stage. 

The Council's adopted housing policy is also set out in the 'Affordable Housing Guidance for Developers' document.