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Open spaces and play areas

New Housing Developments: Open Space

All new housing developments over 0.5 hectares will be expected to include open space as set out in Policy S 5 of the South Lakeland Local Plan. For sites between 0.5 and 2.0 hectares this 15% of the site should be open space. For sites over 2 hectares a minimum of 20% open space should be provided.

New Housing Developments: Play Space

New housing sites will be required to provide children's play space in accordance with the details set out in Policy S 6 of the South Lakeland Local Plan. These can be summarised as follows:

  • toddlers: a minimum of 3 sq metres of formal fenced childrens play space for each child bed space in family housing schemes over 0.5 hectares or 10 dwellings
  • juniors (5-11): larger fenced areas with appropriate play equipment, located at around 400 metre intervals in housing schemes over 50 units
  • older children: a kick about space of about half an acre should be incorporated into housing schemes of over 100 units. 

These requirements are additional to each other rather than exclusive.

Open Space Assessments

When is an open space assessment required?

Planning consent is not normally given for development of existing open spaces which local communities need. For development within open spaces, application proposals should be accompanied by plans showing any areas of existing or proposed open space within or adjoining the application site. In the absence of a robust and up to date assessment by a local authority, an applicant for planning permission may seek to demonstrate through an independent assessment that the land or buildings are surplus to local requirements and any such evidence should accompanying the planning application.

Further Guidance

Government planning policy is set out in Planning Policy Guidance 17: Planning for open space, sport and recreation (July 2002)