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Hedgerow survey

There are situations where providing additional information can assist in dealing with a Hedgerow Removal Notice, particularly where there are multiple removals, for example where a new pipe line or cable is to be installed by a utility company.

What is a Botanical (Hedgerow) Survey?

As a minimum a Botanical survey should provide a map which shows the location of the hedgerow (s), photographs and details which set out the condition of the hedgerow(s) and also details the different type of species present. Surveys should preferably be carried out between 1 May and 30 September when there is a full complement of leaves present.

Protected Species Survey

Hedgerows often provide either a home or a source of food for protected species. Applications for the removal of hedgerows may affect protected species. Information should also be provided about any protected species present, the potential impacts upon them and any mitigation proposals to mitigate such impacts. Further details on Further details on Protected Species.